About Valco & Joco

Valco & Joco is a premium home décor and lighting brand for the online shopper who enjoys high-quality, contemporary design pieces on demand. Originating in Germany and Israel, but available worldwide, we have crafted a unique and versatile offering that sees us embracing a bold vision to becoming the top web based design store worldwide.

The Peacock - Living Room Display in Asparagus Green

Our Range

If you’re looking for the ‘wow-factor’ to liven up your living space, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspired by the innovation of modern design, our range is the perfect balance of form and functionality with an original yet timeless quality defining the brand. Each piece offers a quirky take on the classics, creating an aesthetic that is distinctly Valco & Joco.

Whether you’re designing a new space, adding to a home you already love or searching for a unique gift, we have you covered. With a wide and ever-expanding range to choose from, you can rest assured that you will find something special in our store to bring any interior design scheme to life

Our Values

We have taken the time to conceptualize a brand that is synonymous with superior quality and cutting edge design. Our brand pillars include a focus on customer satisfaction, keeping our finger on the pulse of innovation and an emphasis on inclusivity above all.

We have integrated compact and convenient USB plugs into all of our pieces to promote the universality of our range and to highlight the value of Valco & Joco’s unique inter-continental collaborative venture. That means that when you invest in a Valco & Joco piece, you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world.

The fact that we have intentionally chosen to use the USB plug, which is universally recognized, stands as an expression of the power of design to unite and our affinity towards pieces that promote a view to inspire a progressive attitude.

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Meet Valco & Joco

Valco & Joco Meet the Team - Val

Design & Co-Founder

Valco & Joco Meet the Team Jochen

Production & Co-Founder